About Us

Our Leadership Team

Edward Tian


Alain Lou


Mio Yamanaka

Director of Internal Affairs

Ashley Yip

Director of Outreach

Ernest Li

Director of Communications

Katherine Gotovsky

Director of Partnerships

Marcel O'neil

Director of Technology


Project Implementation

Benn McGregor

Program Coordinator

Mirjana Mijalkovic

Program Coordinator

Our Process

Discover Your Project

Envision City focuses on one project each year pivoted around a current community challenge or relevant problem. During the program, our members work together to develop unique solutions. To take a closer look at past Envision City challenges visit our project page.

Collaborate and Learn

Over a series of monthly workshops, we bring in passionate and experienced professionals including art teachers, urban planners, and civic leaders. Our facilitators are the backbone of Envision City and work to teach youth the intricate steps towards creating a community impact.

Impact your City!

Working with city councillors and architects, our mission every year is bring the ideas of young people into reality and construct our design. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Our Speakers and Mentors

2016 to 2017

Kevin Vuong

Public Accessory Commission

Lhazin Nedup

Public Spaces
and Civic Engagement
at Evergreen Canada

Anandhi Narayanan

Founder and Director
of ZerotoStartup

Mitch Hall

KPMB Architects

Robin Michel

Faculty of Visual Arts
University of Toronto Schools

Michelle Kula

Project Coordinator
at Evergreen Canada

Tyler Hall

Architectural Designer
KPMB Architects

Nina Coutinho

Digital Production,
UTS Alumni Association

Jody Mou

Biomedical Engineer
Intern and 3D Designer

2015 to 2016

Daniel Fusca

City of Toronto
Stakeholder Engagement
Lead Office
of the Chief Planner

Meg Graham

Principal Superkül
City of Toronto
Design Review Panel

Josh Fullan

UTS Faculty
Director and Founder
Maximum City Program